All Repairs

Call or email for a free estimate on any pool repair from as large as a complete pool remodel to something as small as a leaking pool pump.

Weekly Full Service
  • Clean skimmer and pump baskets
  • Maintain water for proper chemical balance and sanitation
  • Backwash or clean filter as needed
  • Add all chemicals as needed
  • Inspect pump and equipment for trouble free operation
  • Inspect and adjust pool cleaner
  • Brush pool walls and steps
  • Skim surface removing all debris
  • Vacuum pool as needed and remove all debris
  • Clean salt chlorine generator cell as needed
Tile Cleaning

Restore the beauty of your tile– tile cleaning removes the ugly buildup of calcium.

Tile Cleaning

Before & After Pictures of Tile Cleaning

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Weekly Full Service— $115.00 per month
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